Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And on the Fifth Day, Let Us Praise Famous Men

Well, I see that I've managed to put out a thoughtful, topical post on a daily basis since starting this blog four days ago. This is unacceptable - it sets a standard for productivity that I cannot possibly live up to.

I do have a series of posts in the offing, with my thoughts on some of the cultural and psychological dimensions of the gaming hobby, of which I am an unabashed enthusiast (to avoid any confusion for those uninitiated: by 'gaming,' I mean the broad category of imaginatively-grounded, multi-participant activities that incorporate varying degrees of competition and strategic complexity, including everything from table-top role playing, to collectible card games, to the current phenomenon that is the MMO). Stay tuned for this and more!

In the meantime, let it suffice for us to remember one of my favorite authors on the day of his birth: Ken Kesey first became conscious of our mutually-defined reality on this day in 1935, and quickly set about undermining our illusory social constructs with his insightful art and some CIA-approved consciousness-altering compounds. Thanks for all the Kool-Aid and Cukoos, Ken.

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